5 Small Ways to be a Person Everyone Loves at Work

The Power of Emotional Intelligence at the Workplace and How to Make Everyone Love You

The workplace is a jungle of a social scene. There are many people you probably see and interact with everyday. Being Emotionally Intelligent people know that people like to feel special and nothing is better than genuinely trying to make everyone feel special. Here is 5 small thing you can do to be the person everyone loves at work.

1. Introduce Yourself on First day of work

Whether it’s your first day of work or someone’s else first day at your workplace, you should also go introduce yourself. In larger companies or companies with multiple departments, you might not get introduced to everyone. Your manager is probably going to introduce you to your team and your department. You should go the extra mile, and you should always introduce yourself to people sitting around you. Introduce yourself to people you are going to see in the bathroom, in the break-room and in the kitchen regularly. During your first week of work try to say hello to everyone. You don’t have to memorize everyone’s name by the first week. You should try your best to get to know everyone’s name at your work place.

People like to feel special and they are going to love that you went of our way to introduce yourself to them. (Again remember to be reasonable about your reach, I would not go over introducing myself to 50-100 people in the first week depending on the company). Everyone loves the person who went a little extra.

Introduce yourself when you start a new project and when you go into a meeting with new people. People are going to be impressed and are going to remember you better if you start the introductions and you make sure to introduce yourself when nobody else does.

Introduce yourself when someone else starts at the company. Whether you have been at your company for a week or 10 years, any new hire will always appreciate people introducing themselves and feeling included. By always introducing yourself, you are radiating an aura of self-confidence and friendliness that will pay off in your professional social life.

2. Offering to Help When You Can

Help when you can. Help everyone. Help those who don’t offer to help you. Give your time when you can. People are going to love you for it. Everyone loves a person who is willing to go out of their way to help them out.

When you hear the person around you struggling with a question and you know the answer, help them. When you hear two people in the lunch-room ask each other a question they don’t know the answer to but you know, feel free to tell them. People are always going to remember the person who helped them. When you are working on a project and you know someone is stuck on something, offer to help.

Also always welcome help. If someone suggests a website, a book or a person as a recommendation, welcome the help. When someone offers to help you with a problem, let them. And appreciate their help.

3. Be Inviting Don’t be Cliquey

Being inviting is trait many people don’t really appreciate or understand. Everyone loves a person who always invites them. If  you are going to lunch with your work friends, invite the new guy. Invite the person who sits by you. Once in a while invite your manager and other coworkers. Plan events to celebrate success with your team.

There are two problems that hinder your inviting welcomeness: giving up on people and cliquishness. You invite people once and twice and thrice and they deny you. You shouldn’t stop inviting them. Keep regularly inviting people. Keep regularly inviting people to those lunches and group outings with your coworkers.  People go through phases of busy and free, easy and hard times. Just because you asked someone three times and they denied your invitation, doesn’t mean they don’t like you or don’t want to hangout. They might be busy. If you a person who wants to kept being invited make sure to say something along ‘next time, really’ so that your coworkers know to keep you in the social loop at work.

Also don’t be cliquey. If you are planning an event with your closest work friends and you don’t plan on inviting others to it, don’t talk about it in front of everyone at work. It creates a sense of cliquishness when you talk about the things you are doing on your weekends with other people at work, who I also know, but you don’t invite me. You in no way need to invite every single person, but know there is a place for everything. It creates a sense of closeness when you are doing things with others at work but not inviting the person you are talking to about it. It’s just something to think about.

People are going to love the person who is always inviting. People who always have an aura of openness and are willing to talk to anyone and include everyone are going to be loved by everyone in the workplace.

4. Socializing When It’s Time to Socialize

Socializing at work is essential. The lunch-room, the coffee machine and the water cooler are among the popular places for conversations. Many will be discussing yesterday’s ball game or Game of Thrones’ latests episode. Those connections you create socializing are essential to building a healthy workplace culture. Other times to socialize include the lunch hour, walking to meetings and casual social settings.

But there are times when you shouldn’t be socializing. When people are busy working and you stop by to ask a question, don’t spend too much time talking after. People have work to do and it’s annoying when someone wants to spend time socializing during designated work hours. Interruptions hurt productivity, and having extended social conversations that are not at the appropriate time should not be welcome. High achieving employees and those who like to focus are likely to be disturbed by those situations. Just understand that not everyone wants to socialize any time.

Dedicating specific socializing times is the best way to guarantee everyones loves you. Everyone will notice that you are not distributive of their work schedule. Nothing is worst than going to a one-on-one meeting, discussing everything that needs to be discussed and then spending the rest of the meeting listening to stories about the other person’s dogs. I would have loved to listen to it during lunch though. Make people feel special in your conversations but make them special when it’s appropriate.

5. Remember What They Say

You will come across many people at your workplace and exchange many pleasantries. Many people will start sharing personal details about their friends, family, significant others, their hobbies and their personal fears at the time progress and as you learn more and more  about them remember what they say. Nothing makes a person feel special than knowing the person they are talking to remembers what they said.

If you ask someone about their weekend plans, remember what they said they would do and when you see them again the following week ask them specifically about those plans. Show them that you remembered. Be engaged when people talk. Ask them questions. Really listen.

Everyone loves a person who cares about them. Everyone loves a person who appreciates what they say. Many people just talk for the sake of talking. But those who go extra and listen and remember and are engaged will be remembered by their coworkers and will be appreciated for it.

*. Do This Even if you work from Home

Even if you work from home, you can apply all of the 5 points above in your life. Introduce yourself over phone, or email. Make sure you are inviting if you organize events, help others, remember what people say and socialize appropriately. As more companies encourage flexible work solutions, you can still be the person everyone likes.

Take This Advice to Your Personal Life

The advice doesn’t just apply to your professional life. Engage people in your social settings also. Whether you are at a social networking event or going out to a concert with your friends and your friends, make yourself memorable. Be the person everyone loves. Why not be the person that everyone loves everywhere.

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