Hello World: TheGhazStation by Abdallah Abu-Ghazaleh

TheGhazStation SnapCodeHello world from TheGhazStation

Today I am officially launching a new social media brand for myself under TheGhazStation. I want to write, discuss and engage in young professional millennial topics. I specially feel that the millennial voice is not well represented in the professional world and I want to bring attention to that, and discuss the topics of professional and social culture for our generation.

I am rebranding my social media handle and contact information to make everything public:

My new handle is: TheGhazStation

My new website is: www.TheGhazStation.com

I am additionally going to be very active on all other social media platforms including: Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Vine and Instagram primarily but will engage in other social media outlets such as Periscope, Reddit and Google+.

I invite you to look me up and follow me on all these platforms. As someone starting out in the social media cloud, I would appreciate any feedback, ideas and thoughts. Use the Contact Form on the website to send me a message.

I thank you for reading this and I hope to engage in conversations that will really help advance our generation and help all Millennials in their professional lives and help companies engage better with my generation for a better productivity for everyone overall.

Again, Hello World!

Abdallah Abu-Ghazaleh



Photo credit of the Seattle Skyline goes to Bryce Williams

Remember to follow me on social media @TheGhazStation (Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Linkedin, Snapchat, Facebook & Vine



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