Where is my Promotion? And Other Questions You Ponder With Your Pumpkin Spice Latte

Here are four questions that you are constantly thinking about this fall and their answers

Where is my promotion?

You been working at the company for six months and you haven’t gotten a promotion yet. You worked really hard and you have been kicking butt at your job for months. Everyone is impressed with your skills and you think you need to be promoted now. But think about it again. There is 3-4 levels of your position at your company. And people spend years building up their skill set and resume to make it to the top of the ladder. 6 months is very little time. You think you already know everything after 6 months, but in another year to two years you will realize there is much more to learn: how to prioritize your time, how to learn new skills, how to interact with management well among many other things. Nobody should be promoted for doing their job. That’s what they hired you to do. You will get promoted when you go beyond and exceed. This will usually happen in a year or two. Remember your career is a long path, filled with many years. Appreciate the little victories you have. Appreciate that you are kicking butt. Wait for that promotion; it’s coming. But it will be after you actually make much more progress in your job.

How do I pick between job or location?

Sometimes you can’t have everything in life. The question comes down to what you care about in your current stage in life. Are you building your career and you want to be challenged and gain some experience? pick the job. Do you care about family and you want to stay close to them? pick the location. Is one of the jobs in a big city and you hate big cities? pick location. In the end my advice is do what will make you happy today and what will make you happy in the long run.

What do I do with my extra vacation days?

There is no such thing as extra vacation days. If your vacation doesn’t roll over, you should definitely plan to use all of your vacation before it expires at the end of the year. Vacation helps reduce stress and help you become healthy (assuming you don’t go on one of those open buffet cruises). Vacation will bring you back to work refreshed and energized, ready with new ideas. I use 100% of my vacation every year. If your employer offers you vacation make sure to use it. Plan in advance and use it. Go visit your best friend from college, or go say hi to grandma. Take a few days off a go camping or to a music festival.

Also watch the video below for a 4 minute vacation

MBA/Master’s/certificate program?

You have been out of school for a few years and you always toy with the idea of going back to school, advancing your skill and hopefully your career consequently. An MBA/Master’s degree or any other kind of structured educational program could greatly improve your career prospects and opportunities. But you are not sure and you don’t know how it will help you. My advice is to start going to informational sessions. Go talk to admission officers from different schools and learn about different programs. Go to events where they have current students or graduates speak to perspective students/applicants. Sometimes reading online about a program is not enough. I especially recommend this for those considering a program they don’t really fully understand how it will impact their careers.



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